Our Trusted Vendors


3M and Avery Vinyls

With more than 25 years in the industry, we have worked with vendors in Portland, Oregon, and across the country dealing with a wide variety of products and materials. We made the decision early on to only work with suppliers that have high-quality products and will partner with us from start to finish to create a successful project. That commitment has not changed.

Our primary vehicle wrap material vendors are 3M and Avery; they set the standard for quality and longevity. We depend on their warranties and support to deliver vehicle wraps that exceed your expectations. Both companies excel at providing us with up-to-date information regarding their products, process improvements, product issues, and any company updates. We are always more than satisfied with the products and services provided by 3M and Avery.

We also work with a excellent group of local suppliers. Working with vendors in the Portland-metro area allows for a quick project turnaround because their products are available to us within a short period of time. We often receive solicitation calls from low cost, high volume vendors outside of the region, but prefer working with a local rep who knows our team personally and can handle any request or question with a local phone call or onsite visit. S2 Imaging’s dedication to working with local suppliers not only supports the Portland community, but also ensures you will be rarely at risk for incurring shipping charges.

Testirite Visual Products

Testrite Visual Products’ specialty is retail and corporate environments. Their guiding principles are:

  • Functionality
  • Durability
  • Clean Design
  • Quality

They manufacture in the USA so the supply chain is speedier, greener, and customizable to your specifications. At S2 Imaging, we love their product line because it fits in so many environments – retail stores, restaurants, corporate offices, board rooms, theaters, museums, airports, and more.

SOLYX & Fasara Decorative Films

SOLYX and Fasara Decorative films offers a variety of quality decorative and privacy window films.


We choose to work with these vendors to provide complete satisfaction for our customers. The biggest compliment you can pay us is your testimonial, a referral, or your continued business.

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