A-frames, a-boards or sandwich boards as they are sometimes called, are generally used to attract customers. They may communicate daily specials, seasonal sales, or just a friendly message that will draw in clients.,

Here are a few ways that businesses can use a-frames:

  • As “teaser” menu boards. Eateries can post a few select menu offerings on an a-frame. With a good price and a delectable description, an a-frame can speak to customers’ rumbling stomachs.
  • To point the way to your door. A-frames can clarify your location so that would-be customers don’t miss your entrance.
  • Appeal to impulse buyers. An a-frame can turn a window shopper into a customer.
  • A-frames can also alert loyal customers of your best current deals.

Remember to check with your city or local government to see if a permit is necessary for your a-frame. Follow this link to the City of Portland Portable / A-frame Sign Registration form.

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