Tradeshow Season is Here, Make Sure You Are Ready: Displays, Signage, Banner Stands and More!

28Jan 2014

Tradeshow season is here! At this point in the year, companies should have their Q-1 and Q-2 tradeshows picked out and attendance goals in place. Careful preparation of conference booth materials will help maximize the impact of your attendance.

Here are some considerations for business conference attendees in 2014.

Business Tips on Being Successful During Tradeshow Season

  • Plan Early. This leaves extra time for working out inevitable kinks in your tradeshow setup. Logistical details surrounding shipping, assembly, and setup are best worked out weeks in advance, to avoid any unexpected problems on the day of the show. We suggest allowing at least a month for tradeshow display production.
  • Create Pre-Conference Buzz with promotional giveaways, blogs, and social media posts letting customers know that you’re attending the conference, and why they should come visit your booth.
  • Carefully Select Promo Items. When selecting giveaway items, remember that practical items will see the most use, and have the biggest impact. Thoughtful gifts—such as hand sanitizer to keep conference attendees healthy—will linger in recipients’ minds. Cater your promo items to your conference audience—a branded thumb drive would be far more popular at a tech convention than at an expo for beauty products. Giveaways should also be travel-friendly, as most attendees will be flying in from out of town.
  • Beware the fast sale. Don’t assume the lowest price is best. Displays must last throughout the season. They must survive being dragged through airports, thrown into cabs—not to mention being set up and torn down repeatedly. Take the time necessary to find sturdy, eye-catching conference materials.
  • Train staff in selling skills.

S2 Imaging has decades of experience in conference displays. We can collaborate with you about how to make your brand and message stand out. After interviewing you about your conference needs, we can also suggest between panel popup, fabric tension, tabletop, and other conference displays. S2 Imaging is also your source for table covers and full modular displays. Our goal is always a win-win: Getting you the perfect display materials at the right price. Call us today to kick your conferences off right.