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The Value Of Investing In Your Corporate Interior Design

09May 2016

Today, a business’s corporate brand is as integral to its success as the quality of the products it sells and the services it provides.

Good design is no longer limited to logos, print collateral or tradeshow displays. Companies all over the world are beginning to invest heavily in the interior environment of their corporate offices. Why? Because brand awareness begins with brand cohesion, which means that every expression of the business’s identity must be aligned with the next.

From our perspective, the positive benefits of a well-designed office are pretty much endless. But here are a few reasons you might want to consider investing in your company’s interior design:

Who doesn’t want happy employees? When a space is designed well, it usually functions better. People like being and working in places that are less stifling and more conducive to productivity. In short, when an office works better, so does the staff. And most would argue that a more productive staff results in happier clients. We’ll leave the math up to you.

A lasting impression begins at the door. You may have wooed your clients during out of office presentations, but an impressive corporate home base can be imperative to sealing the deal. There’s nothing better than an office space that reinforces the messages of quality, precision, and dedication that you’ve already conveyed. You’ve talked the talk. They expect your space to walk the walk.

Help your office space help you. A thoughtfully designed office interior can become a visual tool for creating brand ambassadors—people who are loyal to, believe in and voluntarily publicize your business. Interior and exterior signage, the intentional use of color, custom wall graphics, and unique wall frame displays all contribute to the memorable effect of your space and the strength and cohesion of your brand.

Display your mission and values in vinyl letters or let your brand palette shine with creative fabric mounts.

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