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Strategies To Sync Your Out-of-Home & Mobile Marketing Efforts

14Dec 2015

Out-of-home marketing efforts (e.g. business signs, vehicle wraps, billboards, and banner displays) continue to offer a high payoff. However, today’s OOH marketing efforts are most effective when used in synchronicity with mobile digital marketing efforts.

New research suggests that OOH marketing materials serve as an important initiation point during the purchase path. More than any other traditional media source, study participants who were exposed to OOH were more likely to engage in ‘brand activity.’ In other words, they were more likely to reach for their cell phones, conduct brand research, visit social media, online shop among other activities. This is being called a “one-two punch” purchase path: consumers’ interest in a brand is piqued by OOH, which then prompts the consumer to conduct further brand research, or even complete a purchase.

What is OOH?

OOH is any form of advertising that aims to engage a customer outside of their home. With people spending more time than ever behind a screen, this may seem counterintuitive. Yet this study found that in 82% of exposures to OOH, consumers reported “positive emotions, alertness, or purchase considerations.”

How can I amplify my mobile marketing efforts?

QR codes are one idea that many businesses are implementing to engage with consumers. Outdoor business signs can display these black-and-white codes which anyone can then scan with their smartphones for a special message, offer, etc. S2 can add your QR code to your tradeshow display, your vehicle graphics, and other OOH marketing materials.

Many businesses also now realize the importance of having a social media presence across several platforms. Each profile serves as a sort of mini storefront and is a great way to build community amongst your fans, educate about your business, and increase excitement about your brand.

This is why it’s important to have airtight branding across advertising platforms. A company’s Facebook page, for example, should use the same colors and logos as the outdoor signs for that business to maintain a look of professionalism.

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