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Product Spotlight: Hanging Displays To Dress Up Retail Spaces

31Oct 2014

‘Tis the season to get retail spaces in shape for the coming holiday shopping crunch. Shelf space can be jammed with fun, unique and interesting gift items, but how do you keep your customers from being overwhelmed? A good way to address this issue is to highlight zones in your store. How can you effectively do that? Posters hung from the ceiling are perfect – they not only “warm up your space” and help direct your shoppers but they use NO floor space.

Posters can be digitally printed in black and white or full color on cost effective photo paper or scrim vinyl banner media. Perhaps you are looking for a more upscale look; consider a print on a rigid plastic or gator foam stock. For a real elegant, floaty appearance, check out digitally printed fabrics.

How do you plan to hang your display posters? Graphic gripper hardware is plentiful and compatible with photo paper, vinyl, rigid stock or fabric. Whether you’re looking to hang a temporary poster, or support permanent signage, graphic grippers are a great solution. The fact that the gripper clips are easy to open and close makes changing to new fresh graphics from time to time an easy project. Hardware is available in plastic or metal with a number of color choices – black, white, silver metallic or clear.

Graphic grippers can be used to hang signage from the ceiling or from window frames for eye-catching displays. Do you have standard ceilings with a grid panel system or high ceilings with open beams or duct work? S2 Imaging can help you find the right hardware at the right price point. Retailers, small and large, order the full package -

Hanging display tips: Getting the most out of your graphic display
As a Portland sign printing company with decades of experience, we appreciate how details matter. While posters and graphic gripper hardware are similar across the globe, the impact of hanging displays varies widely. Here are a few tips to help you maximize the effect of your hanging displays.

—Select materials and graphics that reflect your brand. Black and white banners are elegant, while full-color displays convey a very different energy. The tones and materials you choose for your banners should match your brand. For instance, a store offering eco-friendly clothing could choose to print on earth-friendly bamboo fiber.

Double check color results before the final printing. We have discussed this in a previous blog, Pantone colors don’t always match results perfectly. Printing materials, finishing effects, CMYK inks and store lighting can change the way the Pantone color appears. That’s why we recommend taking time for a press proof to insure your vision is delivered.

Brainstorm various applications. Graphic grippers are versatile mounting hardware. If you plan properly, you can reuse graphics in several different functions. Before placing your order, consider the various ways you could use the banner; that way we can be sure to recommend the most appropriate graphic gripper option.

Finally, we recommend simplicity in design. A jam-packed poster with dozens of words and several images makes it nearly impossible for any message to come through. In retail merchandising, less is more.

For more information on hanging posters and graphic grippers, contact us today. Don’t delay as Santa is on a deadline!