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Pointing Customers In The Right Direction: A Look At Way-finding Graphics

04Feb 2014

Today’s commercial spaces aren’t always easy to find. Perhaps you’re located in an industrial park with multiple buildings. Or perhaps clients tend to get lost in the beehive-like labyrinth leading to your office in a large complex. Way-finding graphics provide directional information and are the perfect solution for ensuring that your customers find you. They’re also helpful in situations when you need customers to follow several steps, or make different stops.

Thick arrow made from jigsaw puzzle pieces

Here are a few different types of way-finding window decals, wall graphics, and signage that S2 Imaging can create for your business:

    • Exterior signs leading customers to a certain place.
    • Signs that label an entryway or office.
    • Window decals or vinyl lettering ensuring customers that they are going the right way.
    • Floor decals (interior or exterior) showing the direction visitors should take.
    • Interior signs funneling clients to the right place.
    • Maps and directories providing an overview of large complexes and properties.

S2 Imaging Recommends the Following:

      • Create unique identities for each distinct area. Each office, room, or other space that must be navigated should have its own special name, to help customers figure out their location and next steps.
      • Create clear paths. Floor decals, wall graphics, and window film can communicate available directions.
      • Include maps to help customers orient themselves.
      • Keep it simple. Too many options will only overwhelm and confuse.
      • Use colors to group different regions.

S2 Imaging can design effective, attractive way-finding graphics for your space. Call us today to learn how we can help you direct customers, improve flow, and earn new business with way-finding graphics.


[ Photo by: Horia Varlan, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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