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Now Is The Perfect Time For Ordering Vehicle Wraps And Graphics!

18Dec 2013

As 2013 winds down, savvy businesses are looking for final tax deduction opportunities. December 31st is the deadline for deductible promotion expenses that will apply to the 2013 tax year. Any marketing expense that can be related to the promotion of your business can be deducted for the 2013 tax year, as long as you meet that December 31st deadline. Vehicle wraps and graphics make the perfect end-of-year tax deduction!

Vehicle graphics and wraps are an intelligent marketing investment, as they get you plenty of impressions at an affordable price. Think of truck and van graphics as a moveable billboard. As you and your employees drive around town in the company vehicle, fellow drivers and pedestrians will be exposed to your business. Indeed, service vehicles can earn up to 70,000 views per day. Ultimately, a non-wrapped company vehicle is a missed promotion opportunity.

If you’re buying a new company vehicle for 2013 depreciation deduction, don’t forget to add van or truck graphics. We offer several options:

  1. Full vehicle wraps, which cover the vehicle’s exterior with your graphics. The boldest option for vehicular advertising.
  2. Partial vehicle wraps, which cover a smaller amount of the vehicle while still providing a strong brand message. Combine graphics, your logo, and photographs for an attention-grabbing partial wrap.
  3. Cut vinyl graphics, composed of adhesive backed vinyl to stick on your company vehicle. One advantage of cut vinyl: it’s removable.

Why order through S2 Imaging? Because we have more than 20 years experience in creating, printing, cutting, and installing graphics and wraps. We exclusively use 3M print media and laminate, the industry paragon for lasting bright graphics. 3M guarantees its products against failure, so you can rest easy knowing your marketing investment will last. Finally, we are happy to work with you to find the best images for your graphics and wraps. If you don’t already have a graphic ready to go, we can help you find attention-grabbing images through Getty Images and/or Istock. For more information on wraps and graphics, don’t hesitate to call us today!