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Make The Most Of Your Marketing Materials: Literature Racks & Decals

04Sep 2012

Attending a tradeshow this fall? The marketing materials you provide at your tradeshow booth are an important part of creating a successful exhibit. You want to make the most of your messaging, to create an impact that will last long after your display is packed up and the tradeshow is over. In order to do that, you will need professional marketing materials and a sharp way to display them.

Here are some tips and tricks we try to keep in mind when gathering company literature or marketing materials and preparing for a tradeshow event:

  1. Come prepared with enough fliers, brochures, FAQ sheets, or takeaways to be generous with your materials. You don’t want to fall short on marketing resources so plan to have more than enough to give out.
  2. Think outside the box when creating tradeshow materials or takeaways. FAQ sheets, fliers, and brochures are an important way to distribute information about your company, but creating decals with your company’s logo or motto can be a fun way to increase brand recognition and advertise for your company or organization.
  3. Tradeshow displays and printed materials can be a fun way to shape your company image and connect with your client base. Think about who you are looking to connect with at a tradeshow and design literature, decals, and giveaways to fit with that audience.
  4. Plan for a way to display your materials. If you are laying out printed resources on your tabletop, be sure to include a branded table cover in your design to draw attention to your content. A podium or counter is another great option, providing additional counter space for displaying materials in your booth. If you are short on space or would like to create a display that does not clutter your exhibit booth or table, literature racks are a great option. Literature racks allow for a clean and orderly display of a variety of materials, creating the perfect tradeshow solution.


We are looking forward to attending the SGIA Tradeshow in the coming month and we will report back to you with what’s new and exciting! For more information on tradeshow displays, exhibit booth display options, literature racks, decals, or tradeshow accessories, contact our team at S2 Imaging. We’re getting ready for our next tradeshow booth and want to help you get ready as well! At S2 Imaging, your image is everything.