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Maintain Privacy With Custom, Patterned, And Textured Window Films

08May 2013

If you’ve always viewed windows and glass doors as nothing more than an empty expanse to be covered with blinds or curtains, it’s time to think again. With new options in custom privacy films from S2 Imaging, a blank window can become a personalized sign for your business, a beautiful design element for your interior, or an attractive shield to give you privacy.

Interior: Privacy and Aesthetics

Window films from S2 Imaging are a thin adhesive covering, custom-designed to suit the needs of your office. If you have an office or conference room with a large expanse of glass, you can change the entire look and feel of the room with the right privacy film. Window films mimic the look of etched glass, but at a fraction of the cost, and can be easily removed or re-designed as the needs of your office change. Turn the look of a fishbowl to an attractive and private meeting space!

With custom window films, the design and signage possibilities are endless. Using computer-guided image cutting, S2 Imaging’s graphic designers can create window films that feature your business name and logo, a modern graphical pattern or a soothing nature-inspired design, or a single visibility-blocking layer for maximum privacy. Some window films even feature varying textures for a truly unique design element.

Exterior: Marketing and Protection

On the outside of your business, window films can also help you turn a wall of glass into custom window graphics, transforming an unused space into a prime marketing opportunity. Window films can be designed to feature your personalized signs, wording and logos to draw visitors into your business.

Another benefit of adding a window film? It saves birds from accidentally colliding with all that blank glass! The American Bird Conservancy recommends adding window films as a way to cut down on bird deaths. In fact, the ABC estimates that window collisions are the single largest killer of birds, resulting in more than a hundred million deaths each year.

Window films can provide a myriad of options for creative design and enhanced confidentiality. For a free estimate of what adding a window film to your location would entail, contact S2 Imaging. One of our custom sign professionals will respond with 24 hours to discuss the details of your design.