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Get Your Message Outside With A Frames!

13May 2014

As temperatures rise and sunshine increases, there’s more foot traffic passing by your business. This represents great potential—you can add sales by drawing these outdoor customers into your business. A-Boards are an effective form of retail signage because they can turn meandering pedestrians into patrons.

A-Boards, A Frames, or sandwich boards as they are sometimes known, are generally used to attract customers. They may communicate daily specials, seasonal sales, or just a friendly message that will draw in clients. Here are a few more ways that businesses can use A-boards:

—As “teaser” menu boards.Eateries can post a few select menu offerings on an A-board. With a good price and a delectable description, an A-Board can speak to customers’ rumbling stomachs.
—To point the way to your door. A-boards can clarify your location so that would-be customers don’t miss your entrance.
—Appeal to impulse buyers. An A-board can turn a window shopper into a customer.

A-boards can also alert loyal customers of your best current deals.

Here at S2 Imaging, we offer four basic types of A-boards:

  • Plywood with printed faces: $250-$425 each, depending on size.
  • Signcade plastic with printed corex faces: $300-$350 each.
  • Windsign with printed corex faces: $350 each. (Designed to withstand high winds.)
  • Quicksign with printed corex faces: $159 each. While the options listed above are approximately 24” by 36” in printing area, the Quicksign printing area is 18” x 24.”

We are happy to meet customer requests for other types of A Frames, but these are our top sellers, and a great list to pick from if you’re new to A-board displays.

As with most outdoor signage, A-boards are regulated by most municipal codes. Our hometown of Portland, Oregon does require permits for the display of A-boards; you can apply for a Portland A-board here. Additionally, it is very important that your A-board display does not restrict foot traffic—you will need to carefully place the sign according to city requirements. In Portland, portable signs including A-boards must be placed at least five feet from the edge of the roadway. A Frames may not be displayed on Portland sidewalks that are less than 8 feet in width. We have decades of experience in meeting local signage requirements, so rest assured that we can find the best outdoor signage option for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our A-board offerings.

We would like to note that other municipalities have different regulations, so check with your local municipality first before moving forward with this type of project.