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Get To Know Our Display Systems! Fabric Tension Systems

09Sep 2014

This month we’re kicking off a new series of blogs on the details and configurations for S2 Imaging’s tradeshow display systems. Like the saying goes, knowledge is power, and the more you know about conference display options, the better equipped you will be to select a display that will make a big splash while meeting your budget. We begin our series with an examination of fabric tension systems.

Tradeshow Display Options: Fabric Tension Systems Often called a HopUp or PopUp display, the fabric tension system combines impact with ease of use. Your company logo and message is printed directly on stretchable, wrinkle-resistant nylon. The nylon fits snugly on its supporting frame, so even when stored for extended periods, the fabric will look vibrant and professional.

With an accordion-style aluminum frame, the stretchable graphics attach via hook and loop sewn tape. Setting up the unit is incredibly easy. Words can’t do justice to the sleek look these display systems create, but here are a few of our favorite characteristics of fabric tension systems:

  • Smooth, Flawless Message Surface. The crisp, clean, rich look of printed fabric can’t be beat.
  • Easy to Assemble and Disassemble. No special tools are required to put up or take down our fabric system displays. Our Floor Standing or Table Top Fabric Tension display can be put together and broken down in a matter of seconds.
  • Two-Sided Messaging. With a HopUp display, you can show your logo or top-selling product on both sides, for 360 degrees of visibility to prospective customers.
  • Add Shelving, Monitors, Lights, etc. The HopUp display unit can be accessorized with shelves for marketing collaterals, digital monitor mounts, dramatic lighting and matching counters.
  • Lightweight Strength in Aluminum Framing. Light and strong, aluminum is an ideal framing material, as it’s easy to carry yet capable of withstanding the rough conference season.
  • Versatile Sizing: Have a big show where you need a 20 ft unit and then a couple of smaller shows where a 10 ft unit fits best? Fabric tension systems make it easy to create multiple sizes that accommodate multiple booth configurations.
  • Lighting for Maximum Impact! Not only are these units available with spotlights that attach to the frame; they are now available with LED interior lighting. Backlit displays glow and help you stand out even more.

In upcoming display system posts, we hope to keep our customers informed on the differences between various display systems. If you require more details on how display systems differ, and which system will best serve your tradeshow needs, give us a call today. S2 Imaging pros are happy to discuss the advantages of various tradeshow displays, including fabric tension systems.