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Exhibitors’ Tips For Easy Booth Setup And Breakdown

29Apr 2016

Every trade show is different and has its own set of rules and procedures. While larger tradeshows have event staff that assemble your display, smaller venues may allow you to set up your own. You will want to make sure you check with the venue managers to know which is appropriate for your situation. When trade show display setup requires a significant amount of work and frustration, your staff may be frazzled, disheveled, and stressed come exhibition time. If you have an upcoming trade show that will require you to set up your own display, we have some tips to make booth setup seamless:

Prioritize Portability

What good is a display if you need an army of employees to transport it? Many of today’s trade show displays are collapsible and fit into a single carrier bag on wheels. These types of portable displays leave your employees with a lighter load and reduce the risk of an important piece getting lost during travel. The carrying cases of some travel-friendly displays are even multi-functional. In our portable display gallery, we feature a wide assortment of carrying cases for portable displays.

Look for Easy Setup Solutions

You or the tradeshow venue crew want to assemble and tear down your display system as quickly as possible; that is our objective as well. We use “easy to erect” finishing on all our graphics – such as: magnets, Velcro, zippers, and push-fit assembly systems. No tools needed. It’s as simple as ‘attach and go,’ whether you’re using a floor standing popup display or a hanging fabric display system. We take advantage of the best assembly processes available, making setup quick and efficient, leaving you with lots of time to relax and prepare for the big event!

High Impact Signage

Displays on easels draw people in, particularly when placed at the corners of your booth, facing the aisles. However, they can take up a significant amount of room and are prone to being knocked over. Instead, consider vertical banners with stands and towers. They are easy to setup and easy to transport, reducing your shipping costs and setup time.

Leave Yourself Room

It may be tempting to aim for the largest possible display or table to fit your booth, but doing so may overcrowd your space. If you have literature or merchandise you want to display, consider a literature display that will present what you are offering without taking up much space. Make sure that visitors have plenty of room to move around your exhibition space. If you have multiple staff working in your booth, they also need room to maneuver. We advise clients to reserve about 30 percent of a space for sales staff to move around and interact with visitors.

Every trade show is a bit different. From the crowd to the setup procedure, you have to be flexible and adjust your trade show booth design accordingly. We like to keep things flexible as well, by offering ready-to-go exhibits, and custom trade show solutions. Our displays come in a wide variety of sizes, from 6ft, all the way up to 20ft or more! If you’re not sure what kind of trade show display is right for you or are just looking for a one-time solution, we can help you determine the ideal configuration for your event. Let us help ease the burden of trade show booth setup and breakdown with simple, easy-to-use displays so that you can focus on putting your best foot forward. Contact us today for more information.