Design Tips: What to Expect in Proofing

05Aug 2014

Michelangelo made sketches before carving a full-sized statue. He understood the importance of visualizing a work before taking chisel to marble. Likewise, proofs and renderings are a key part of the production process for anyone involved in vehicle graphics, tradeshow displays, and other designs.

Not all vendors provide proofs on every project; S2 Imaging does. Artwork proofs are a two-dimensional representation of a project and give you the opportunity to check spelling, layout, colors, size and other details. For a stronger understanding of how the design for your exterior signage, interior wall graphics or vehicle graphics will look in their respective surroundings, we offer photographic proofing. In this process, we take a picture of the location of your design. Details like furniture, plants, vehicle emblems, door handles, gas caps, and exterior elements can be considered as we lay the planned design over the photograph.

For those of you with large display areas to fill, we can offer a 3D rendering. A 3D rendering is both a ground and overhead view of your display space (to scale) with the display elements and artwork you are considering. This level of detail makes it easier to assess the overall look, traffic patterns, standing or resting areas for staff, space allocation and effectiveness of the space. When you get to your tradeshow, there should be no surprises.

From boulevard banners to vehicle graphics to tradeshow graphic printing, proofs are an integral part of the design process. By uncovering design weaknesses, a model can prompt tweaks that improve the overall impact of your project. As we continue to lead the Portland area in graphic design and printing services, you can count on S2 Imaging to seek out more effective ways to preview designs, including 3D renderings.