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Delving Into Window Graphics: More About Perforated Film

18Feb 2014

Perforated film is a form of window graphic advertising that provides one-way visibility—from the outside it appears as a solid image, while on the inside of the window it looks like a black shade with multiple tiny perforations, allowing a protected view of the outside world.

Perforated window decals are available for windows of all sizes, as well as automotive windows. They may be installed on the inside or the outside of windows. The digitally printed graphics of your choice are printed on the external-facing side.

We offer temporary or long-term perforated window installations. Temporary perforated decals have less aggressive adhesive, so they are easier to remove. Density is another variable to consider. Our perforated window films are available in two densities: 50/50 and 70/30, meaning that 70% of the material is solid, and 30% is composed of perforations. We recommend 50/50 for vehicular applications and other instances when it’s important to be able to see through the graphic. 70/30 perforated window film is ideal for storefront viewing, as the higher film density allows for crisper, higher-definition images.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of installing perforated window graphics.

Perforated Film Purposes: Branding, Privacy, Sun Shielding

  • Branding: Achieve curb appeal and draw in new customers with perforated window decals. They’re unique and eye-catching.
  • Privacy: You and your employees love the natural light pouring through your storefront windows, but the lack of privacy is a bit unnerving. Ground level businesses can enjoy privacy behind perforated window graphics.
  • Sun Shielding: Perforated window decals can provide immediate relief from blasting sunshine.

Perforated window graphics can also provide some protection from impact vandalism (small rocks, pellet guns) if installed on the outside of the window.

Get in touch with S2 Imaging today to learn what perforated film options are available for your location. We can help you achieve your branding goals. And our graphics technicians are happy to offer advice on how to achieve the most impact with your perforated window graphics.

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