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Capturing The Attention Of Millennials Through Face-to-face Marketing

15Apr 2016

Take a moment to picture a millennial. Odds are you picture something like this: designer plaid, purposeful, yet disheveled hair, device in hand.

Even if you are one, it’s no secret that millennials are something of an elusive, and highly sought after, audience to marketers. They’re discerning, researched, well-educated, and notoriously tech-savvy. In order to be sold on something, the pitch has to be creative and honest, especially in the physical world of trade show marketing.

While you might think that distracting a millennial from their device of choice is nearly impossible, research suggests otherwise. In fact, millennials are fast becoming the most profitable demographic at face-to-face marketing events. So how do you leverage this interest when it comes to designing your trade show booth? Next time your event planning involves an audience born between 1980 and 2000, keep two key things in mind:

Be Authentic

Engage on a real, personal level, no matter how big your business is. Millennials respond most positively to actual people (no one wants to receive a response from a computer!), so put a face to your business and take the extra time to create authentic interactions.

  • Prior to the event, use social media in thoughtful ways to garner interest. Ask questions and create opportunities for audience participation. Active engagement communicates an authentic interest in the audience, which helps to generate brand loyalty.
  • During the trade show, make sure representatives and booth materials are approachable, genuine, and consistent with the brand. Friendly conversations and personal anecdotes that relate to the product or organization are key.

Be Dynamic

Remember that your tools are just as important as your personality. Use all of your channels of influence to your benefit!

  • Go to them. A well-designed website can work wonders, but it won’t necessarily impress millennials. Speak to them in their language, where they already hang out online: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • When they come to you, be prepared. With $1.75 trillion in total spending power, they’ll happily take their money elsewhere if they sense you don’t walk the talk. Have something for them to take away about your brand that will leave a lasting impression.
  • Your booth is your brand. In the trade show environment, it’s essential that your audience will recognize you from across the room. This is where the foundation of a cohesive brand can do the work for you. They’ve seen it, they liked it, and they’re headed your way!

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