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Banners And Signs For Outdoor Events

11Jun 2013

It’s a yearly ritual: the minute the weather warms up, people head outdoors, which means you need outdoor signage to promote your seasonal events

Custom signs are the best way to both advertise special events and to guide and direct attendees on the day of your event. Here are a few ways S2 Imaging can help make your outdoor event stand out.

Banners for Pre-Event Promotion

What if you threw a party and nobody came? Now that might be an event planner’s worst nightmare! No need to worry about that with S2 imaging’s outdoor banners and exterior signs. Eye-catching outdoor banners can inform passersby about your event weeks in advance. It’s a simple but effective form of advertising. In fact, recent study by the University of San Diego showed that large outdoor signs were found to increase revenue up to 15 percent. What’s more, because outdoor signs are constantly in public view, you know you’re reaching your audience. No one can change the channel or turn down the volume—you are guaranteed that potential attendees will see your outdoor sign every time they pass by.

Flags for Multiple Locations

Don’t want your marketing to be affixed in just one single location? Consider one of S2 Imaging’s teardrop banners or feather banners. These custom signs are mounted on a portable stand and come with a travel bag, which makes them versatile for use at many different events. If you put on events in many different locations, a flag might be just what you need.

Event Signs for Day-Of Organization

If you’re putting on an event such as a fun run or walk, a charity golf tournament, or any outdoor event where you need to direct traffic and keep things moving smoothly, talk to S2 Imaging about event signs to help guide your attendees. As an event organizer, you can’t afford to spend the day of the event answering the same questions over and over—investing in custom signs that will do the talking for you can save you time and headaches on the big day.

No matter what outdoor events you have planned this spring and summer, hiring the pros at S2 Imaging to handle your signage will allow you to focus your attention where it needs to be—on making your seasonal events a success.

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