Customer Spotlight: Vinyl Vehicle Graphics For Dynalectric


Vehicle graphics can serve many purposes, including low-cost, high-return advertising. Like a portable billboard, a moving vehicle may earn 60,000 impressions per day. However, there are many other reasons to install vehicle graphics. Today we’re featuring…

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Pointing Customers In The Right Direction: A Look At Way-finding Graphics


Today’s commercial spaces aren’t always easy to find. Perhaps you’re located in an industrial park with multiple buildings. Or perhaps clients tend to get lost in the beehive-like labyrinth leading to your office in a large complex. Way-finding graphics…

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Trade Show Season Is Here, Displays, Signage, Banner Stands & More!


Tradeshow season is here! At this point in the year, companies should have their Q-1 and Q-2 tradeshows picked out and attendance goals in place. Careful preparation of conference booth materials will help maximize the impact of your attendance. Here…

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Start The New Year Off With A Fresh New Look: Window Decals!


These days, there are hundreds of inputs competing for your customers’ attention. With a whole internet at their fingertips, outdoor advertising screaming for customers’ eyeballs, and limitless tunes streaming from smartphones, it’s harder than ever to…

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Greet Your Customers In Style: Customized Wall Graphics


First impressions are everything. And like the saying goes, you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. How might your reception area strike customers? Does it give off a professional, successful vibe? Or is it too bland to be memorable?

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Now Is The Perfect Time For Ordering Vehicle Wraps And Graphics!


As 2013 winds down, savvy businesses are looking for final tax deduction opportunities. December 31st is the deadline for deductible promotion expenses that will apply to the 2013 tax year. Any marketing expense that can be related to the promotion of…

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Banners And Signs For Outdoor Events


It’s a yearly ritual: the minute the weather warms up, people head outdoors, which means you need outdoor signage to promote your seasonal events

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Maintain Privacy With Custom, Patterned, And Textured Window Films


If you’ve always viewed windows and glass doors as nothing more than an empty expanse to be covered with blinds or curtains, it’s time to think again. With new options in custom privacy films from S2 Imaging, a blank window can become a personalized sign…

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Plan Early For Trade Shows: Panel Popup Displays,


By planning early, our experts at S2 Imaging have the ability to collaborate with you about your tradeshow goals and how to make them a reality for your brand through displays and signage. With the right graphics and booth components, you can increase…

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Save Time And Space With Retractable Indoor Displays


If you own and operate a business or corporation, the New Year is filled with the hustle and bustle of special displays, pop-up shops, tradeshows, exhibits, collaborations, and specials.

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