How Effective Are Vehicle Wraps?


There are dozens of advertising options these days, from search ads to billboards to radio space. What makes car, truck and van graphics a good marketing investment? Efficacy. Study after study shows the effectiveness of advertising via vehicle wraps,…

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Delving Into Window Graphics: More About Perforated Film


Perforated film is a form of window graphic advertising that provides one-way visibility—from the outside it appears as a solid image, while on the inside of the window it looks like a black shade with multiple tiny perforations, allowing a protected…

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Customer Spotlight: Vinyl Vehicle Graphics For Dynalectric


Vehicle graphics can serve many purposes, including low-cost, high-return advertising. Like a portable billboard, a moving vehicle may earn 60,000 impressions per day. However, there are many other reasons to install vehicle graphics. Today we’re featuring…

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Pointing Customers In The Right Direction: A Look At Way-finding Graphics


Today’s commercial spaces aren’t always easy to find. Perhaps you’re located in an industrial park with multiple buildings. Or perhaps clients tend to get lost in the beehive-like labyrinth leading to your office in a large complex. Way-finding graphics…

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