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The Modern Trade Show Display: Simple Ways To Incorporate Technology Into Your Exhibit


Technology is ubiquitous: 45 percent of U.S. adults own tablets and 68 percent own smartphones. Trade show attendees tend to be a tech-savvy bunch, particularly if they are millennials. When exhibitors fail to incorporate technology into their booths,…

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Trade Show Design Inspiration: Fabric Displays


As the busy spring trade show season winds down, now is a good time to reflect on your experiences and re-evaluate your trade show marketing strategies before things get busy again this fall. No doubt, some things worked better than others, and likely,…

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Exhibitors’ Tips For Easy Booth Setup And Breakdown


Every trade show is different and has its own set of rules and procedures. While larger tradeshows have event staff that assemble your display, smaller venues may allow you to set up your own. You will want to make sure you check with the venue managers…

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Capturing The Attention Of Millennials Through Face-to-face Marketing


Take a moment to picture a millennial. Odds are you picture something like this: designer plaid, purposeful, yet disheveled hair, device in hand.

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The History Of The Trade Show: From Victorian Era To Modern-day Exhibiting


In this day and age, when we think of trade show exhibits, we think of striking graphics, intricately-organized display structures, and innovative lighting ideas. With all of the technology and innovation that goes into modern-day exhibits, it’s hard…

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Plan To Make Your Trade Show Display Deliver


When designing graphics for a new tradeshow display, it is tempting to load it with information. Conventional wisdom is “less is more”. A prospect will take 5 seconds or less to read your message; deliver the critical message succinctly with great graphics:

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Get To Know Our Display Systems! Fabric Tension Systems


This month we’re kicking off a new series of blogs on the details and configurations for S2 Imaging’s tradeshow display systems. Like the saying goes, knowledge is power, and the more you know about conference display options, the better equipped you…

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Trade Show Tips: Identifying The Right Booth Size


One of the first questions asked is: What size space do we plan to reserve? Tradeshow display options depend on available space, and you’ll need to specify size when reserving your spot. Today we’re diving into this important query, as an introduction…

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Now Is The Time To Start Your Trade Show Planning Process


Summertime is not the season for sitting on your laurels if you hope to make a splash at this fall’s tradeshows.

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Portable Vs. Modular Trade Show Display Systems


The tradeshow display world can be a bewildering place. There are so many options that you may find your head spinning as you research how to get your message across at your next conference.

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Trade Show Season Is Here, Displays, Signage, Banner Stands & More!


Tradeshow season is here! At this point in the year, companies should have their Q-1 and Q-2 tradeshows picked out and attendance goals in place. Careful preparation of conference booth materials will help maximize the impact of your attendance. Here…

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Plan Early For Trade Shows: Panel Popup Displays,


By planning early, our experts at S2 Imaging have the ability to collaborate with you about your tradeshow goals and how to make them a reality for your brand through displays and signage. With the right graphics and booth components, you can increase…

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Save Time And Space With Retractable Indoor Displays


If you own and operate a business or corporation, the New Year is filled with the hustle and bustle of special displays, pop-up shops, tradeshows, exhibits, collaborations, and specials.

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Your 4 Week Plan For The Perfect Trade Show Display


Having an exhibit booth at tradeshows provides a unique sales opportunity that can assist in lead generation, networking, and brand recognition. S2 Imaging is versed in a wide variety of tradeshows displays and systems and we would like to share some…

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Make The Most Of Your Marketing Materials: Literature Racks & Decals


Attending a tradeshow this fall? The marketing materials you provide at your tradeshow booth are an important part of creating a successful exhibit. You want to make the most of your messaging, to create an impact that will last long after your display…

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The Sky Is The Limit: Choosing Your Ideal Tradeshow Display


Tradeshow displays have changed drastically over the years and with advancements in print imaging, hardware, and portability, creating an exhibit booth that is capable of standing out from the crowd is more important than ever. Not only can tailored exhibit…

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