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Why We Prefer Vector Art


Do you question what the best type of file is to send for your project? Here at S2, we prefer vector files.

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The Value Of Investing In Your Corporate Interior Design


Today, a business’s corporate brand is as integral to its success as the quality of the products it sells and the services it provides.

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Maintain Privacy While Creating An Eye Catching Design


Are you ever sitting near a window feeling like you are stuck in a fish bowl? Let us help! Vinyl privacy glass can be custom created to provide a beautiful design while maintaining discretion from on-lookers.

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Color Contrast In Business Signs


When it comes to your company’s business signs, you know that no detail is trivial. Whether it’s the placement of a logo, the words used or the images displayed, outdoor signs for businesses carry a lot of weight in your branding.

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Designing Lobby And Retail Spaces


Do you know that S2 Imaging can help with designing reception areas, waiting rooms and retail spaces? Our tradeshow and sign experience translates well to these spaces – it’s about conveying your brand image, your company culture or your overall style.

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S2’s Wall Graphics Tips: Photo Choices


Want to spice up your space? Consider adding a wall mural. Wall graphics are a bold and cost effective way to make any space more inviting. Just as “pop color” accent walls enjoy popularity among designers, wall murals make a space much more interesting.

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S2’s Look At Sign Materials: Aluminum Composite Vs. Plywood


When recommending exterior signage, climate is an important consideration for every buyer. Portland’s soggy clime demands different sign materials than, say, the unrelenting sun of Phoenix. Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at the benefits of aluminum…

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Promote Company Events, Specials, And More With Banner Stands & Other Exterior Signage!


It’s summertime. Kids are out of school, everyone’s enjoying the beautiful weather, and seasonal events are plentiful. For businesses and other organizations, the reliably good weather of summer makes it the perfect time for special promotions and events.…

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Get Your Message Outside With A Frames!


As temperatures rise and sunshine increases, there’s more foot traffic passing by your business. This represents great potential—you can add sales by drawing these outdoor customers into your business. A-Boards are an effective form of retail signage…

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S2 Imaging Presents At The Portland Chapter Interior Design Society Meeting


At a recent Portland Chapter Interior Design Society meeting, the S2 Imaging team presented an incredible new material for custom wall graphics: Photo Tex!

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Making The Most Of Your Interior Menu Board Design


Great interior menu boards do not just appear out of thin air. Although they may appear straightforward and simple at first glance, menu boards actually require careful planning and thoughtful design. In our experience, it’s best to prepare all of the…

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Delving Into Window Graphics: More About Perforated Film


Perforated film is a form of window graphic advertising that provides one-way visibility—from the outside it appears as a solid image, while on the inside of the window it looks like a black shade with multiple tiny perforations, allowing a protected…

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Pointing Customers In The Right Direction: A Look At Way-finding Graphics


Today’s commercial spaces aren’t always easy to find. Perhaps you’re located in an industrial park with multiple buildings. Or perhaps clients tend to get lost in the beehive-like labyrinth leading to your office in a large complex. Way-finding graphics…

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Start The New Year Off With A Fresh New Look: Window Decals!


These days, there are hundreds of inputs competing for your customers’ attention. With a whole internet at their fingertips, outdoor advertising screaming for customers’ eyeballs, and limitless tunes streaming from smartphones, it’s harder than ever to…

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Maintain Privacy With Custom, Patterned, And Textured Window Films


If you’ve always viewed windows and glass doors as nothing more than an empty expanse to be covered with blinds or curtains, it’s time to think again. With new options in custom privacy films from S2 Imaging, a blank window can become a personalized sign…

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